The new method of paperless sewing using Vankyo sewing projectors has taken the world by a storm. This is an easier and more versatile method, and can be performed by anyone. Be it a professional seamstress or an amateur one, paperless sewing by vankyo is a relatively easier method for both of them. Let us take a look at the different advantages of using this method and why it is gaining popularity.

Paperless Patterns- The Future Of Sewing

Long gone are the days when you needed to depend solely on paper pattern pieces for sewing clothes and other materials together. The old method involved printing, taping, cutting and storing paper pattern pieces for sewing.

However, paperless sewing depends on using pattern image projections for sewing. A projector is placed above the materials to be sewed and necessary pattern projections are made on it. The seamstress follows the projected pattern for sewing and preparing the end products.

Key Advantages Of Patterns For Projections

Take a look at the several advantages of pattern projections for paperless sewing. It has become quite popular recently and is practiced by many people.

1. Grid Layer Calibration To Follow

Paperless sewing depends on pattern projections for sewing. The projections offer grid layer calibration that makes it easy to follow and sew. It gives greater accuracy to sewing job and creates good end products.

2. Thicker Lines For Visibility

The best part about projected patterns is that they can be adjusted to give better visibility to the person who is sewing. So, they can make the pattern lines thicker or thinner depending on their needs and requirements. This is not possible in case of paper-dependent sewing.

3. Gridlines In Same Direction

Projected patterns offer gridlines that help seamstresses follow a particular direction and manner of sewing. This gives better quality and accurate designs and the end products look better.

4. Various PDF Files Available Online

There are various PDF files available online which show different sewing patterns and have guidelines on how to recreate the same. If one were to depend on paper pattern, this would become a very cumbersome and time-taking procedure. However, projections make it easier since the PDF files can be projected directly.

5. High Definition Image For Easy Pattern Tracing

Most mini projectors for paperless sewing offer great image quality with realistic colors. These images can be further adjusted for better quality and output. Better images make sewing patterns easier to follow and trace on the cloth or materials. It is always a better idea to use high definition images if you want better sewing patterns and quality.

6. Mirrored Pieces Labeled For Easy Cutting

Many mini projectors offer mirrored image projection. This makes it easier for the seamstress to measure out different parts and cut them accurately. With mirrored pieces, it becomes easier to compare corresponding parts of a material, or sewed product.


If you are wish to try out or work with paperless sewing, getting a good projector is one of the basic requirements. It may be a bit difficult to find a good projector that is both cost-efficient and helpful for your work. You can check out the various projectors at Vankyo – the mini projectors by Vankyo are the one of the best choices for paperless sewing. They offer great image quality and would surely impress you with their performance!


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