One of the basic human needs is intimacy. Developing physical relationships and surviving them are among the vital milestone of human life. Sex with your partner is the key to a healthy, maintained, balanced and organized life. It has got a lot to do with balancing hormones.

As sex offers you more than just pleasure and helps maintain a lifestyle, people are investing in their pleasurable moments. Sex toys are trendy these days, one of which is fuzzy handcuffs.

If you are looking for some bond-developing inspo, we have brought you the blog post to use fuzzy handcuffs and rule your partner.

Ideas To Use Fuzzy Handcuffs

Handcuff Your And Your Partner’s Wrist

Handcuffs are one of the widely used sex toys. The market has recently seen a twist to the dull handcuffs. The new, upgraded handcuffs are available in different colors, lined with a fuzzy, wooly material, giving them a cool look.

One of the best ways to develop your bond is to handcuff your and your partner’s wrists using handcuffs. The degree of closeness using fuzzy handcuffs in this style is superb. Enjoy your nip and tuck affair once you arrest both of you in a lovey-dovey way.

Handcuff Your Partner to The Staircase

If you are passionate about building intimacy to another level, try something out of the bedroom. One unique idea is to handcuff your partner to the staircase. After you handcuff your partner to the staircase, you’ll feel a rush of emotions and passion for your partner. The best part is to see a response more extensive than yours from your partner’s side as a handcuffed person feels deeply indulged in love.

Handcuffs and Blindfolds

Handcuffs are great sex toys but trying them with other accessories can be ecstatic. Use blindfolds on your and your partner’s eyes. Help each other handcuff the wrists. The warmth, passion, and urge to dive into your partner’s love are a class apart. The intense feelings upon not seeing your partner when handcuffed to him/her are erotic and dynamic.

Handcuffing to the bedpost

Instead of handcuffing the partner’s wrists to yours, try another unique idea. Seize your partner by cuffing his wrists to the bedpost. This is excitement above imagination. This shows your partner’s submission to all your wishes and desires. The entire dependency of a partner on you makes you feel like a king. Meanwhile, your partner enjoys it more than ever. The emotional rush and urge to get lost in each other become more powerful.

Handcuff to Chair

Using fuzzy handcuffs on your partner when tying him/her to the chair is another bizarre but unique idea. Get your partner settled on a chair and handcuff him. Do a striptease in front of him to provoke his erotic demeanor. Once you do this, get ready to embrace an intimate relationship you might have never seen or thought of before.


If you consider giving sex toys a try, add fuzzy handcuffs to your list. The sensationalizing fuzzy handcuffs add a lot of spice and emotions to your intimate sessions in the bedroom. It portrays the dependency of partners on each other. It beautifully depicts the submission of partners to each other. If you want a long-lasting relationship, the memories of which you will forever cherish, go add fuzzy handcuffs to your cart.


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