Aluminum is a fascinating metal that comes with a lot of useful features and properties that are present in very few metals. Good malleability is one of the properties that make it a good choice for extrusion. Another interesting fact about aluminum is that it is the only metal that has a one-third density of steel.

Because of its exceptional characteristics, aluminum can be easily shaped with good strength and stability. There are many useful products of aluminum exclusion like the extruded aluminum heat sink used in many electrical and mechanical equipment cooling systems. You can find more about the extrusion of aluminum here

How Is Aluminum Extruded?

The aluminum extrusion process is not a very lengthy and complicated method. It is a simple and straightforward way that takes very less time to complete especially if we compare it with other methods like forging and casting.

  • Firstly aluminum bar is taken and cut into specific lengths for billet production then it will be heated to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace or gas.
  • Then this heated piece is entered into the extrusion press that pushes the billet into the die.
  • As the pushing continues a profile that we named as extrusion profile is created from the other side and it is cold with the help of water or air. This is a continuous process that works side by side on
  • The desired length of the excluded by is achieved then it is cut into a size that is manageable when it is cool down. Puller will work on straight bars.

Aluminum Extrusion Application

Firstly you should know where aluminum extrusion is mainly used. There are two different markets that have a great application for aluminum extrusion products. The first is the architectural market and the second is the devices or the components that are made of the extruded aluminum such as the heat sink or the heat pipes.

Like the aluminum extrusion heat sink kingka. Besides these markets, it also has a great scope in the automobile industry and the construction industry. Extruded aluminum products are also used where corrosion resistance is needed.

Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions

Get Multiple Designs

Aluminum extrusion is a very inexpensive way in which you can get a variety of shapes and designs. It is a very simple procedure. Because of this, it has so many applications in different industries and forums. It does not only save you money but a lot of time is also saved as using aluminum extrusion, the products can be made within weeks.

We can say that there are unlimited possibilities for making designs with Aluminum extrusion.

Light in Weight

The products that are made with aluminum extrusion are very light in weight. Because of this feature, it is used in the manufacturing of parts and devices in the industry of transport. The products that are created with extruded aluminum are mostly chassis of boats, trucks, cars, engine blocks, and panels.

It has a wide range of benefits if it is used for the manufacturing of body panels. First of all, you can make the panels thicker. Secondly, they will be dent resistant and lastly as described above it will reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Corrosion Resistance

Metals need some extra or additional surface treatments like plating to make them corrosion free but you don’t have to do this in the case of aluminum. It is a naturally corrosion-resistant metal because of the thin layer of aluminum oxide present at the surface. This layer adheres to the aluminum so it will prevent corrosion from occurring.


Aluminum extrusion is a very common process that is made to create a variety of products in different fields. It is used in the transportation industry and heat management devices because of its amazing qualities as the extruded aluminum is light in weight and resistant to corrosion.


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