The best pressure washers in the market

Pressure washers have developed since their inception around 100 years ago. They are more quality and cheaper than first-generation pressure washers. Today, you can buy your pressure washer machine for around $246.

Among the pressure washers, the gas pressure washers are costly machines costing around $379. The battery-powered washer machines cost around $246 while their electric counterparts $167. The prices of these machines differ because of several factors like the power source and efficiency. The highest-pressure washers can cost up to $9549, while the lowest can be $75.

Pressure washers leave the surfaces as clean as new. They remove stubborn stains like rust, oil, and paint with ease.

A pressure washer will either have one of these three sources of power:

  • Electricity
  • Batteries
  • Gasoline

Each of these power sources has its pros and cons. You are free to choose the one that will fit your needs, cost included.

Wikimedia Commons/Mark Schellhase/CC BY-SA3.0 (gas-powered pressure washer)

A gas-powered pressure washer is excellent for use on heavy-duty cleaning jobs. It gives impressive cleaning power and outperforms the battery and electric-powered models. The average cost of this machine is $379.


It’s excellent for heavy duties.

It cleans a large surface in less time because of its power.

It’s not a must for users to work near any available outlet.


It’s the most expensive

Gasoline produces fumes, and its oil can be messy

It’s heavy, weighing over 100lbs

It’s expensive to maintain

It’s noisy

It’s hard to start

Battery-powered pressure washer

The average price of this machine is $182. It’s a great machine that allows user mobility, perfect for camping trips. Operates in areas without power supply and is portable.


Allows user mobility and can fit in a car.

There is no gasoline or messy oil to deal with

Easy to start

Lightweight design

No noise like the gas-powered counterparts

It has portable water containers or buckets


It only lightweight because of the low pressure

Expensive than the corded ones, yet they give less power

Needs constant charging

  1. Ossesous/Flictr/CCBY2.0

The machine is more environmentally friendly than the gas models, and it gives the same cleaning power as the gas pressure machines. The average cost of this machine is $167, and you won’t deal with the oil and gasoline issues.


  • Easy to startup
  • The most affordable washer
  • It’s more eco-friendly than the gas pressure washer
  • It provides the same cleaning power as the gas models
  • Lighter and silent compared to many gas-powered pressure washers


Power cables restrict its mobility

It only works in regions with electrical power.

The above guideline gives you a clear picture of these three categories of pressure washers according to their power sources. The three factors aren’t the final to depict a good machine that you will use. The following are some of the factors that need consideration.

The manufacturer


The pump types

Pressure washers hose length

How best the machine can remove grime and mildew

Does the machine possess a detergent tank?


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